Painting Petite Barbouille Set


Features: A no-mess painting starter kit specially designed for young children (18 months plus). Children open the plastic sleeves, pour in the paint, and seal them up again. Then comes the fun part! They smear the paint around - without getting their hands mucky - and color in a beautiful fish. It's magic! With a little bit of soap and water, the paint rinses off the plastic sleeves and the fun starts all over again.

  • A painting starter kit for children
  • All the fun of painting without the mess!
  • The plastic sleeves rinse off for endless fun!
  • No-mess finger painting.
  • An introduction to colors and how to mix them.
  • Contents: 4 plastic-covered, washable, illustrated sleeves, 4 bottles of finger paint (orange, green, yellow, red) and 1 step-by-step instructions booklet. 

    Suitable to children 18 months & up.