My First Space Words in English and Spanish


Introduce your little ones to their first space words in both English and Spanish!

Space, telescopes, missions, and UFOs – welcome to your first glossary space words!

Zaida Hernandez, a Latina space engineer, introduces little ones to their first space words in English and Spanish, from professions and animals to transportation and planets. Her in-depth knowledge of the world’s inner workings and scientific accomplishments is brought to life by Jayri Gómez, a Dominican Republic artist who colorfully reimagines space as we know it.

Parents will love this educational bilingual English-Spanish board book due to its bridging of two languages to explore space words, but also in how it will aid children in understanding the universe.

Zaida Hernandez is a Latina space engineer, first-generation Salvadoran American, and STEM advocate. Growing up, she always had a fascination with space – stars, planets, and the unknown! When she is not spending time with family, she loves participating in outreach events locally and worldwide, spreading her love for space. In her first collaboration with Lil’ Libros, she hopes to inspire future bilingual scientists, engineers, and space explorers! Currently, she is working as an engineer at NASA.

Jayri Gómez is a full-time illustrator born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She has drawn from a very young age, inspired by watching cartoons and reading children’s books, but didn’t know that illustrating books was her dream job until she reached adulthood. She has published several books and works with brands and independent authors. The Stars of Din / Las estrellas de Din will be her first author debut. She enjoys watching movies, especially Harry Potter or anything horror, listening to music, and being with her two kittens.