Lampi Waterproof Rain Jacket - Navy


Our classic bestseller 'Lampi' rain jacket is just what you need for a rainy day - or a wild mud wrestling match. This traditional rain coat has more to it than you'd imagine.

For kids, rain can be sheer magic. Can you imagine anything as fun as running in the rain - and not even get wet! That's why we have ample sizing in Lampi raincoat as in all Reima rainwear: you can wear these practical garments all year round, also on top of insulated winter wear. And even if the weather is gray, your kid will look bright and cheerful in this fun protective gear. All rain clothes in the stores are waterproof, right? Wrong. If the seams aren't welded or taped, they might leak. Ours won't.

Stay dry all day, in very wet conditions - The waterproof fabric is excellent for very wet surroundings: active play and outdoor life in heavy rain or wet snow.  Water column over 10 000 mm

  • Waterproof, welded seams
  • Safe, detachable hood
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Zipper at front
  • Reflecting details