Crab Boy Swim Goggle


The Crab Boy Swim Goggles are essential for every swimmer. Crafted with UV protected silicone, these goggles guarantee the safety of your eyes against harmful sun rays during swimming. The soft silicone straps are adjustable and offer a comfortable and secure fit for all head sizes. Additionally, these goggles come with a convenient plastic storage container, ensuring their safety and protection when not in use. Whether you're swimming in a pool or the ocean, these goggles are ideal for ensuring clear vision and safeguarding your eyes.

Features You'll Love:

  • UV protected silicone for safety against harmful sun rays
  • Adjustable soft silicone straps for comfortable and secure fit
  • Comes with a convenient plastic storage container for safety and protection
  • Ideal for clear vision and safeguarding eyes in pool or ocean
  • Suitable for children ages 3 & up